About Alan

“Benzie’s playing has a hushed yet yearning quality to it; an exquisite touch and elegant virtuosity make for a thoroughly engaging listen.” Jazzwise

“Gifted young post-bop and contemporary pianist Benzie is one of the most promising newcomers to have recently emerged from the fertile Scottish jazz scene.” The Guardian

“Most impressive was piano prodigy Alan Benzie… Possessing impeccable technique, and musical imagination, Benzie confirmed his position as a prominent figure in Scotland’s contemporary scene.” The Scotsman

“Benzie has an orchestrator’s ear for detail in his compositions...His spontaneous creativity impressed even more as improvisations were developed with a clear sense of direction and sustained with inspired phrases.” The Herald

"I’d seen Benzie at Kings Place a week before, leading his highly accomplished acoustic piano trio, but here he was in his other role as ‘wizard of the synth’. He’s a little guy with a huge talent and this gig was a further demonstration of his prodigious ability and versatility." The Jazz Mann

“Benzie has the ethos of Hancock and Corea under his fingers and builds a sophisticated solo” Jazzwise

“Pianist Alan Benzie showed an extraordinary commanding fluency” Jazz UK

“Pianist Alan Benzie rips through lightning runs, creates chordal explosions and swings with real vigour” Metro (UK)

“Alan Benzie is sensational on the piano, performing with such dexterity and playfulness that you will wish you could play piano even a fraction as well.” Edinburgh International Festival “Three Weeks” Review

“One of the main aims of the Festival is to highlight local, national and international talent...a highlight is hard to pick, but Alan Benzie’s Middle-Eastern sounding AMHP brought rapturous applause from the audience.” Aberdeen, Evening Express


About Alan Benzie Trio

“Tasteful and well-judged, this trio makes a terrific team… (Benzie) has created a set of memorable tunes and his playing, plus that of his colleagues, is exemplary throughout. There is a radiance and beauty about this music and “Traveller’s Tales” deserves to bring Benzie to the attention of the wider jazz public.” The Jazz Mann

"Benzie doesn't sound like a young artist struggling for a voice... There's an affecting sense of place in the quiet ostinatos and modulations of Hazy Dawns...but with drummer Marton Juhasz and bassist Andrew Robb, the trio fire up plenty of dynamism too..." The Guardian

“Andrew Robb and Marton Juhasz on bass and drums are all about close ensemble interaction, and sometimes it’s as if their sounds were coming out from the inside of Benzie’s piano... Benzie’s playing has a hushed yet yearning quality to it; an exquisite touch and elegant virtuosity make for a thoroughly engaging listen.” Jazzwise

"This has to be one of the best debut albums for some time..." Sandy Brown Jazz

"This album is the work of an already strong voice and road-hardened group that presents Benzie's music with empathy and understanding... No background knowledge is required to enjoy Benzie's clear articulation and thoroughly engaging musicality." The Herald

"A fine piece of work... Luminously toned, atmospheric and often impressionistic music that suggests it has been the result of careful consideration... Highly engaging." The Scotsman

"Benzie's imagistic style recalls John Taylor's a little, perhaps Bobo Stenson... I particularly liked the pensive, brooding quality of "A Wandering Mist" that is then developed extensively and shows layers of intricacy in trio interplay... the Benzie compositions are strong and his mastery of the piano impressive..." Marlbank

"Not your usual piano trio album - far from it... He comes across as in inventive pianist and creative composer devoid of cliches..." Bebop Spoken Here